• Share capital:       1 million
  • Location:               36 States plus FCT
  • Duration:               4- 7 working days

How It Works

  • Clients send all the requirements to the processor here
  • Clients make payment online
  • Registration is completed


  • Minimum of 2 directors
  • Scan copy of ID cards of all the directors
  • Address of all shareholders and directors
  • Signature of all the directors and shareholders
  • Phone number of all the directors and shareholders
  • Emails of all the directors and shareholders
  • A company secretary. One of the directors could be a secretary
  • Signature of all the directors and shareholders
  • 2 preferred Business Names for registration
  • Address of the company including the Local Government Area

16 reviews for Limited Liability Company

  1. Ayeni Ayotade

    I happened to follow Mr Ademola on his Facebook handle and was impressed about the dexterity exhibited by Mr. Osho Ademola. I sought for my company account opening from Delta state, within 2 weeks the transaction was fully completed, no hassle, no hitches. I picked the certificate up here in Asaba without any stress . weldone Sir.

    • OshoAdemolaJoel

      Thank you Mr Ayeni for trusting us and for the referrals too.

  2. Abimbola Ohre

    Business Registration was a big issue for me until Mr. Ademola Osho announced it, I contacted him and in no time, it was ready. I can now walk tall in the business world.

    Thanks Mr. Osho once again

  3. Oluwadamilola

    Registering my business and coming up with a suitable name was a big deal for me. I’ve known Mr Ademola for a while so I talked to him about it and boom, he came up with a beautiful and suitable name for my business. He also advised and informed me on process of registering. He made all these easy for me. Thank you for all you do, Sir. I’m grateful.

  4. Eesuola Bamidele Oluwakemi

    I met Osho Ademola Joel a year ago. I saw his advert about mini importation and I put in for it. He was down to earth to help always.

    When my husband and I were ready to do our business registration, he put in his best and the certificate came out within the period of 2weeks. He has been of help ever since then as regards the progress of my business.

    Thanks for all you are Coach.

  5. Eesuola Bamidele Oluwakemi

    I and hubby had longed desire to register our businesses but were scared of the big cash involved. Coach Osho Ademola Joel notified us about the registration and what was like a mountain for years became a valley for us. We enjoyed his services and the certificate was ready between two weeks.

    Thanks for been you sir

  6. Nnaji Mirabel

    Coach Osho has been my business coach and I haven’t had any regrets about it,i had difficulty registering my business and just couldn’t understand the process and couldn’t also trust just anyone to do that for me, but he came into the picture through a good recommendation and I was glad I seeked his help, He was honest,polite and very fast and reliable.

  7. Lut Haruna

    I have always dreamt of registering my business but always met bottle neck not until I met Ademola Osho. I must confess that he was very professional in his dealings. I must recommend him to others.

  8. Olaleye Funmi

    I needed to register a company but didn’t want a business name because of the nature of my business and the type of prospects I wanted, my challenge was getting a name and registering it at a reasonable cost. I connected Ademola through a Taxation class he took online, he offered to register a limited liability Company for me at N45,000, I had to ask if he was sure of getting me a registered company at that price. He said yes, He was there all the way, the names I presented were rejected thrice but he kept pushing till we settled for a name. Not only did he register it, he also ensured that the process was as seamless as possible. When he called that my documents were ready, I was like “Did you have the documents ready before we even started ” Today Willecrux Ltd came to existence and it’s here to make impact. Thank you AdemolaOsho.

  9. Ologeh Omolade

    I needed to register my company in December 2018, and a friend referred Mr Osho.

    He really did make the registration process non-stressful and delivered the certificate on time too, no hitches. He is the go-to-guy in this field.

    And yes, he even delivered it right at home for me. Pretty Awesome.

  10. Stephanie Ojih

    I became friends with Mr Osho on Facebook awhile back. Followed his post on helping people with the knowledge and registration of their businesses. I realised he was a person of good reputation and integrity. I contacted him on my own business registration and to my amazement
    he delivered promptly. Today, I am a proud registered business owner courtesy Mr Osho. Thank you so much for being you.

  11. Laoye Curtis

    Working with Osho Ademola Joel has been a wonderful experience. He is meticulous and delivers on time! With his help I’ve been able to sort out business registrations for some of my businesses

  12. Amunigun Adekola

    Mr osho assisted me on my company registration within the shortest possible time .Also I have directed two of my friends and he didn’t disappoint them. He works like magic!

  13. Olawale Muyideen Oladoja

    I got to know Mr Osho Ademola Joel based on recommendations by a senior colleague in my profession. Despite never having met him, he exhibited tremendous dexterity and professionalism in getting my company registration done in good time without any hassles and within two weeks, I was able to pick up my company certificate in Kano. I therefore vouch for his integrity and recommend him for any assistance he might require.

  14. Adeyinka Oluwatobi

    I have never regret knowing coach Osho. He is a business coach that is good at what he does. He proffers exact solution to your fear. Registering my business was made easy by him.
    Thank you sir.

  15. Manasseh

    I was having issues with my cac registration,from my complaints on cac Twitter handle,he was able to help me through with the registration with ease. Really appreciate,thanks

  16. Akeem Bolarinwa

    Mr. Osho Ademola exceeds expectations with awe in Business and Company registration. For the proof of this, my business and those of my cronies in Abuja were registered within short period of time and the certificates picked without hitches.

    You are the best!
    Keep up the great work!!

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